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當我們談論我們時我們在談論什麼 What we talk about,When we talk about us





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《當我們談論我們時我們在談論什麼》為讓豬仔飛團隊[1] 2018年的計畫,將在2018當代一年展-非常廟藝文空間的展位進行展出,也計畫於2018獨立出版此書。2016-2018讓豬仔飛以群體方式在游擊隊展覽裡進行創作發表、呈現臺北夢之表演,也以個人身份面對不同的藝術創作和活動,從策展、創作、比賽、駐村、演員...等活動。讓豬仔飛團隊試圖以複數且多角度的工作模式,完成那些一個人無法完成的事。這次的計畫《當我們談論我們時我們在談論什麼》透過「書」的發行,回看自己,而書名引用自雷蒙德.卡佛的《當我們談論愛情時我們在談論什麼》[2]

十個人先提出自己所關注的主題詞彙,透過整理、分類先將相似的關鍵詞聚集,再把過去五年做過的各種計畫依類型放入各區,分 為「機制/關係/身份」、「在地/駐村/現地製作」、「媒材/方法/敘事」、「觀看/影像/真實/虛構」和「世代/身體/愛/自溺」, 以這五大主軸作為書中的核心。每個人再從自己所提出的關鍵字之外的區域,挑選有興趣的主題為研究對象,期望透過各自關心及擅長的方向,對不同主題提出另一種觀看的方式,交織出聚焦且深入的研究內容。試圖從2013年三一八運動至今,我們所做過的各種團體式的計畫、實驗式的計畫、個人的創作開始,對學生時代到現在,五年間的創作進行深入研究、分析與再詮釋。如果把藝術創作視為是『階段性的紀錄』和『留存歷史』的方法,試圖把這些不成熟、不完整的各種創作,做有效的保存。以這樣小範圍卻有世代精神的「獨立刊物」,彌補時代的快速和無法再追溯的歷史,也對這個時代做出反應。


[1] 讓豬仔飛為一藝術團體,原始成員為:王煜松、林裕軒、林盈潔、何彥諺、許庭甄、湯雅雯、楊懿軒、羅婉云、蔡宗勳、魏柏任 ,依照各個計畫不同,參與者有所調整,期望發展成群體複數且多角度的工作模式,。

[2] 雷蒙德.卡佛(Raymond Carver)/著,小二/譯,《當我們談論愛情時我們在談論什麼》,譯林2010。

Author: When Pigs Fly

Editor-in-chief: Wang Yu-song

Editors: Lin Yu-Hsuan, Lin Ying-Chieh, Ho Yen-Yen, Hsu Ting-Jane, Tang Ya-Wen, Luo Wan-Yun, Tsai Tsung-Hsun, Wei Po-Jen

Cover Design: izhii

Published at the end of 2018

For details, please refer to the Facebook fan page: When Pigs Fly!

"When We Talk About Us, What Are We Talking About" is a project of Let Pig Fly team[1] in 2018. It will be exhibited at the 2018 Contemporary One-Year Exhibition - Extremely Temple Art and Culture Space, and it is also planned to be independently published in 2018. From 2016 to 2018, Let Pig Fly has created and presented Taipei Dream performances in guerrilla exhibitions as a group, and has also faced different artistic creations and activities as individuals, including curation, creation, competitions, residencies, acting... and other activities. The Let Pig Fly team attempts to complete what cannot be done by an individual through a plural and multi-angle working mode. This project, "When We Talk About Us, What Are We Talking About," reflects on themselves through the distribution of "books," and the title is taken from Raymond Carver's "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love"[2].

Ten people first proposed the thematic vocabulary they were concerned about, then gathered similar keywords through sorting and classification, and finally placed various projects done in the past five years into different areas according to their types, divided into "mechanism/relationship/identity," "local/residency/on-site production," "medium/method/narrative," "observation/image/reality/fiction," and "generation/body/love/self-indulgence," using these five main axes as the core of the book. Each person selects a topic of interest from the areas outside the keywords they proposed as the research object, hoping to provide a different way of viewing different topics through their own concerns and expertise, weaving together focused and in-depth research content. They attempt to conduct in-depth research, analysis, and reinterpretation of various group projects, experimental projects, and personal creations they have done from the 2013 Sunflower Student Movement to the present, from their student days to the present, in the past five years. If artistic creation is viewed as a method of "stage-specific recording" and "preserving history," they attempt to effectively preserve these immature and incomplete creations. With such a small-scale but generational "independent publication," they fill the gap of the rapid and irretrievable history of the times and react to this era.

[1] Let Pig Fly is an art group. The original members are: Wang Yu-sung, Lin Yu-Hsuan, Lin Ying-Chieh, Ho Yen-Yan, Hsu Ting-Chen, Tang Ya-Wen, Yang Yi-Hsuan, Luo Wan-Yun, Tsai Tsung-Hsun, and Wei Pei-Ren. Depending on the different projects, there may be adjustments to the participants, with the expectation of developing into a plural and multi-angle working mode as a group.

[2] Raymond Carver, translated by Xiao Er, "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love," published by Linlin in 2010.









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