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明日備忘錄 Notes for tomorrow

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  • 立方計劃空間(週三~週日,2-8pm)

  • 立方7F(週三~週日,2-7pm)

  • Lightbox攝影圖書室 (週二~週日,1-8pm)

  • 半路咖啡(週三~週一,2pm-12am)

  • 女巫店(週一~週五,2-10pm,週六、日,11am-10pm)

  • 靜慮藝術(週二~週六,1:30-6:30pm,預約制)

  • 小地方SEAMS(週一~六,6:30pm-12am)

  • 小路上藝文空間(週二~週日,11am-8pm)

  • 覓計畫(週一~六,11am-6pm)

  • 牯嶺街小劇場(週三~週五,12-10pm,週六、週日,10am-10pm)




more information about the exhibition

​Exhibition Venues

  • TheCube Project Space (Wed~Sun, 2-8pm)

  • TheCube 7F (Wed.~Sun.,2-7pm)

  • Lightbox Photo Library (Tues.~Sun.,1-8pm)

  • Halfway Café (Wed.~Mon,2pm-12am)

  • Witch House (Mon~Fri, 2-10pm,Sat~Sun, 11am-10pm)

  • JingLü Gallery (Tue~Sat, 1:30-6:30pm, by appointment)

  • SEAMS (Mon~Sat, 6:30pm-12am)

  • To Dear. Alternative Art Gallery (Tue~Sun, 11am-8pm)

  • Project Seek (Mon~Sat, 11am-6pm)

  • Guling Street Avant-gard Theater (Wed~Fri, 12-10pm, Sat-Sun,10am-10pm)

Co-organizer | TheCube Project Space, ICI

Venue Collaborator | Lightbox Photo Library, Halfway Café, Witch House, JingLü Gallery, SEAMS, To Dear. Alternative Art Gallery, Project Seek, and Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre



In her work The Sleep Building, artist Yen-Yen Ho proposes a method of interpreting tidal rhythms through human brain wave transformations, using “sleepwalking disorder,” a physiological response that often occurs during the transition from childhood to adolescence, as a metaphor for human consciousness and social relationships in this era, comparing it to the tidal waves on the eve of the full moon, the disorderly energy, and repetitive behaviors of human beings in distress. In this exhibition, a part of the work is presented in the form of video and drawing installation, in which the reconstructed text is interspersed in the furniture pieces, while watching the ebb and flow of a preschooler’s breath mingling with the sound of waves in his sleep.

The world maintains its equilibrium through the disorder and reorder of various orders, and we are repeatedly in the order given by the system. The Sleep Building is a reminder of the overflow of consciousness and the inability of today’s social system to alleviate such emotional states. The potential energy of the individual, which cannot be ignored, and the possible imbalance of the order, are hints of the world of tomorrow, and are questions that come from the experience of the individual in the world order.

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